This month we welcomed Laura Wynn to the cafe and she put us through out paces with a combination of movement and meditation.

Laura got us started with some yoga breathing and then explained that the most important thing to aim for was a little of bit change at a time. Trying to do too much too quickly often results in failing to change at all, whereas making simple smalls changes over time has better results. Laura suggested two main areas for us to think about.

Relaxation and Meditation

Finding ways to relax is good. It improves our digestion and we absorb nutrients better. It boost our immune systems and it helps us sleep. But, when it comes to relaxation, it is not as simple as saying “Chill” – as we all know! Instead, we need to find ways to build relaxation into our day to day lives.

When it comes to meditation, go with whatever works for you. There are lots of apps online with different types of meditation so try some of these and see which you like best. The most important thing is to build a habit of meditating (or simply taking 10 minutes here and there to relax). No need to set aside an hour at a time if you don’t have it – short bursts will work too. Building up this habit takes time, a bit of effort and good intentions, but it will be worth it.


Improving our range of movement and body strength not only makes us more flexible, but it reduces the strain on our nervous system. Look for ways to make small movement changes in our day to day activities; for example:

  • flexing neck, head, jaws shoulders and arms, while waiting for the kettle to boil
  • introducing small movements into our legs, hips, feet and ankles while we are brushing our teeth
  • Walking a few paces on our toes, heels and on the sides of our feet to boost our mobility and strength
  • Spend 2-3 minutes massaging each hand when putting hand cream on – get that circulation going!

The most important thing is to start small and keep it simple. Build some movement and some deep breaths into every day tasks.