Thanks to everyone who came along to the Alzheimer Cafe Leixlip on June 8th. It was hard to come indoors on that beautiful evening but it was worth it.

We had a great talk from Noelle Collura, a Senior Supervising Dietitian with Nualtra. She spoke to us about diet and dementia and the highlights of her talk were:

1. It’s important to stress that currently there is no specific diet for dementia- following a healthy diet consuming a variety of foods from the major food groups is recommended.

2. Many people with dementia do have a preference for sweet foods so the key is to encourage more nourishing sweets foods instead of low nutrient dessert foods. Can also try adding sweet foods/ingredients to more bland or savoury foods

3. Hydration is something that should be encouraged, especially in the warmer summer months as slight dehydration can worsen some symptoms of dementia

4. Frequent meals/snacks and fluids should be encouraged throughout the day if weight loss or poor intake at meals is noted

5. Importance to follow guidelines if someone is on a special diet- i.e. a textured modified diet like mince moist and/or thickened fluids

Mary Bolger, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland Dementia Advisor for Kildare, will be the speaker at our next Cafe – Wednesday July 13th. We hope to see you there.

SAVE THE DATE – Summer Social – Wednesday August 10th.